Interior Decor SoLUTION

I'm Maxziner

Who We Are

Maxziner was born in Chittagong, the capital of business and port, from the idea of
some young Interior Designers & Engineers with the intent to form a dynamic group
with a common interest to make a profession of living and a coherent
philosophy. The passion, insight and enthusiasm drive design choices from concept
to completion. A world of shapes, colors and materials in which the details are in
harmony with the set. The synergy between design and creativity aspire to the same
goal: to create a unique design, synthesis and affirmation of individuality and
personality of the client. The design of a product is the result of the analysis of all
the design features that define the product itself. Our design objects contain itself as
quality, ergonomics and usability, simplicity of construction, environmental
sustainability and aesthetics. "The way I think the design is strongly influenced by
the great masters of modern architecture."
Designing together
Maxziner brings forward a design method based on constructive dialogue with the
client. The moment the customer for the first time crosses the threshold of the study,
these is involved emotionally in order to give the designer the guidelines for the job.
When someone says "I know I do," it means

that you know redo, or he would have done it

Bruno Munari