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Maxziner was established in 2010 as an engineering company
Maxziner provides complete engineering and architectural services. Maxziner can help you visualize
the entirety of your project from geographic location considerations, environmental impact, traffic
flow, utilities, master planning, architectural design, and all engineering disciplines.
Maxziner Associates also provides energy management expertise, construction contract
administration, construction cost budgeting, scheduling, and site-selection services. A strong team of
energy experts, professionals; engineer and architect interns, designers, and CAD operators support
Maxziner’s professional staff.
Maxziner is dedicated to thorough project management, quality control and cost accountability and
has won the company unparalleled respect from our clients. In fact, over 80 percent of Maxziner’
business is from repeat customers and direct referrals. Maxziner is committed to pleasing its clients
and guarantees their satisfaction.
Maxziner engineering professionals manage large and small projects with professional expertise and
offer personalized service while providing innovative solutions to any challenge with accuracy and
enthusiasm. We consider ourselves to be an integral part of the client’s project development team.
Through the entire project, Maxziner Engineering’s single point-of-contact communication approach
keeps you up-to-date on your project’s progress.
Maxziner’s personnel are committed to producing our client’s product on time and within budget, and
are more than capable of working simultaneously on multiple projects.
Your Vision becomes our Vision.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering entails the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built
environment of your site including bridges, roads and buildings.  Civil Engineers assist with Site
Selection & Analysis, Site Planning & Development, Land Use/Zoning Regulations, and Building Site
Plans.  Others areas include Grading Plans, Traffic Studies and Engineering, Highway and Street
Design including Railroad Spurs as required. Residential Development, Storm Water Management
and Permitting, Storm Sewers, Drainage and Erosion Control Studies are performed by our Civil
 Site Analysis, Selection and Development
 Land Use / Zoning Regulations
 Building Site Plans
 Grading Plans
 Traffic Engineering and Studies
 Highway and Street Design
 Railroad Spurs
 Storm Water Management and Permitting
 Storm Sewers
 Subdivision Design
 Water and Wastewater Systems Design
 Erosion Control Studies
 Utility Inventory and Mapping
 Industrial Park Design

Survey or land surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the three-
dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. These points are usually
on the surface of the Earth, and they are used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership
or governmental purposes.
Maxziner Associates offers a complete line of surveying services using the latest GPS equipment
for all phases of design and construction by Professional Licensed Surveyors and experienced
technicians. We combine on site documentation of the existing conditions as well as research of
historical documents to provide a complete survey.  We can provide staking for the construction of
the project, including layout of building corners and other site features such as curb lines & utilities
and staking of slopes for site grading.  After construction is completed, as an additional service, we
can produce as-built or record drawings, required by some jurisdictions. These plans depict the
locations of constructed elements and are used to insure that the design plans were followed and
that the constructed project will perform as designed.

 Boundary Survey
 Topographical Surveys

 Existing Site Feature Verification
 Land and Waterway Topography
 Construction and Utility Layout
 GPS Control
 Infrastructure Inventory for GIS
 Subdivision Layout
 Construction Staking
 ALS/Alta Survey

Structural Engineering
Our Structural Engineers can design a structural system or analyze an existing system.  Structural
designs include Foundation, Reinforced Concrete, Pre-cast Concrete and Masonry, Structural Steel,
Retaining Wall and Wood Structures. Using a structural engineer is necessary to assure the
structure will safely support and resist specified maximum loads to avoid collapse.
 Structural Systems Investigations and Evaluations
 Foundation Design
 Reinforced Concrete Design
 Pre-Cast Concrete and Masonry Design
 Structural Steel Design
 Retaining Wall Design
 Wood Structures

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physical and
material science for analysis, design, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical
Engineers design and analyze heating, cooling, ventilating, hydronic, plumbing, and fire protection
Our Mechanical Engineers will analyze your specific needs and design your HVAC System based on
Various System Designs including Central Station Variable Air Volume, Geothermal Water Source
Heat Pumps, conventional Closed Loop Water Source Heat Pumps, Hot Water Heating, Steam
Heating, Chilled Water Cooling, Packaged DX, Split DX, Variable Refrigerant Volume, Direct Fired
Gas Heating, Indirect Fired Gas Heating, Fresh Air Ventilation Sub systems, Dehumidification,
Kitchen Ventilation, Industrial Ventilation, and Chilled Beam Induction Systems.  We can also
provide the design for a wide range of control systems ranging from stand alone thermostats to
Campus wide Integrated Energy Management Control Systems.  In addition to the HVAC

engineering referred to above we also have experience with Energy Recovery, Industrial Processes,
Process Piping, Process Ventilation and Process Design.
Mechanical Engineering also encompasses Plumbing Design and Fire Protection Design.  Plumbing
design includes Sanitary and Water fixture load calculations Sanitary piping system Design,
Domestic Water Distribution, Domestic Hot Water Distribution, Natural Gas Demand, Natural Gas
Piping, Propane Demand, Propane Demand, Medical Gas systems, Waste Water Reclaim, and
Waste Water Treatment systems.  We have experience with the design of Fire Protection Systems
that include Wet Risers, Dry risers, Stand Pipe Systems, Fire Pumps, Dry Chemical Systems, Foam
Systems, and Pre-Action Systems.
Other services may include the development of maintenance system schedules to assure system
efficiency and longevity, IAQ, and Humidity Analysis, Energy Consumption Assessments, and Life
Style Cost Analysis.
 HVAC System Design
 Central Energy Plant Design
 Boiler Plant (Steam and Hydronic) System Design
 Central Chilled Water Plant Design
 Central Station VAV System Design
 Distributed Constant Volume System (Fan Coils and Chilled Beams) Design
 Variable Refrigerant Volume System Design
 Geothermal Water Source Heat Pumps System Design
 Close Loop Water Source Heat Pumps System Design
 Hot and Chilled Water Hydronic System Design
 Energy Recovery System Design
 HVAC Control System Design
 Energy Management System Design
 IAQ Ventilation Sub-System Design
 Process Piping System Design
 Material Handling System Design
 Sanitary Waste System Design
 Domestic Water System Design
 Domestic Hot Water System Design
 Fire Protection System Design
 Trane Trace 700 HVAC Design and Analysis Software
 Trane, Carrier, Mcquay, York, Dectron, Aaon, Greenheck, Semco, Etc, Equipment Selection Software
 BIM Model Creation
 Energy Conservation Assessments See Energy Engineering
 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
 IAQ and Humidity Analysis

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of
electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.  It covers a range of subtopics including power,
electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.
Our Electrical Engineers offer Power and Electrical System designs to assure that the lighting for
your Site and Building meet or exceed all Electrical Code Standards.  All systems are designed
based on power & load studies, lightning protection and fault current analysis.  These systems also
include Fire Protection Systems and Alarms, Motor Control Centers, Control Circuits, Process
Controls and Instrumentation.   Programmable Controller Applications, Uninterruptible Power
Sources (UPS), and the Generator Emergency Power Systems are all part of their areas of
 Electrical Systems
 Power Systems
 Power and Load Studies
 Lightning Protection
 Fault Current Analysis
 Fire Alarm System Design
 Motor Control Centers
 Control Circuits
 Process Control and Instrumentation
 Programmable Controller Application
 UPS and Generator Emergency Power Systems

Architecture is the process of planning, designing and constructing form, space and environment.
Architects produce the analysis and documentation necessary for the construction of the building
including contracts, drawings, plans and technical specifications. Architecture also encompasses
scheduling, cost estimating and construction administration.
Maxziner Associates can provide the following architectural services for your project.
Architectural Services
 Master Planning
 Architectural Design
 Space Needs Analysis & Programming
 Interior Space Planning
 Feasibility Studies
 Construction Documents
 Bidding Assistance
 Shop Drawing Review and Evaluation
 Construction Site Visits
 Post Occupancy Evaluation

Energy Management
Energy service deals with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant
engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies. Energy minimization is
the purpose with heavy consideration given to HVAC, lighting, and building envelope, to both reduce
energy loads and increase efficiency of current systems.
Our Energy Management Team will evaluate the kw and kwh usage, demand and load scheduling
for your facility to assure ultimate energy efficiency attainable.  To reduce energy they will analysis
your monthly and annual energy consumption with an Initial Proposal (IP), Detailed Energy Study
(DES), D&C and CCA Studies as developed by the Energy Services Coalition.
 Analyze General Energy Usage
 Detailed Energy Study
 Create Energy Usage Profile
 Provide Savings Summary & ROI on Energy Conservation Measures
 Perform Pre/Post Measurement & Verification
 Commissioning

Construction Contract Administration
Construction Contract Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a project by
meeting the client’s requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project.  From
inception to completion, our goal is to complete projects on-time, within budget that meet or exceed
industry standards.
 Owner Representation
 Construction Contract Management
 Pre-Award Activities
 Construction Observation
 Construction Closeout
 Project Management
 Grant Management

Maxziner Associates can provide Commissioning for new or existing buildings, providing the
following services.
 Existing Building (RetroCx)

 HVAC Commissioning
 Electrical Commissioning
 New Building (Enhanced)
 LEED Commissioning
 Re-Commissioning
 Continuous Commissioning

Let’s design

One of the reasons we became interior designers in the first place was because we love collecting and then putting it all together. But when you’re designing your own house, the hardest thing is to finish it, as you’re always adding your next favourite thing, and finally there's no space left.


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