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“We design and manufacture good ideas and a
better lifestyle”

Simplicity is Beauty.

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Architecture, Interior design, Furniture and Graphics, we did it all! From small residential properties to
international exhibitions, every day on the job helped us get better and better!

We can take an idea from the drawing board to the finishing touches without you having to worry
about it!

Our Passion is to Decor your thinking

Stunning Work of Art

Our mission is to create beautiful, livable spaces that meet our client’s aesthetic, functional and
economic goals while respecting the environment. Our perspective is informed by a respect for historical
architecture coupled with an application of the playfulness and freshness of modern design.


Greetings from Maxziner!!
“Forget Standardized, We Customize” Maxziner is your direct connect to the finest brands for
your Architectural & Interior Designing needs. Class, Finish, Finesse, Quality & Functionality is
what our products focus on, after sales service is what we thrive on.


Did You Know – Though Superior and Premium in Quality, Our Products are cheapest around
the globe! We request you to give us an opportunity to showcase our versatility and enhance our
creativity. Look forward to get connected, just send us a Reply/Message/Call/Email OR fix up an

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“When stop exploring, you stop creating”


New Concept Of Building

Life of Ideas

Over the past decade, Maxziner has planned, designed, and produced construction documents for more
than 1 million square feet of corporate interior space. We provide full-service design with total attention
given to the needs of the client from project inception through post-occupancy. Our interiors group service
corporations, hospital, residential hotel, law firms, doctor chamber, professional firms, public agencies
and institutions in all aspects of relocation, consolidation, renovation and expansion project work.

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” The base services we offer are just the tools we use to solve our clients real estate challenges. Its through our ability to deliver strategic and creative project solutions that we create value, which in turn, helps our clients, achieve their goals. “